Timebanking is a rewarding and enjoyable way to bring people and organisations together to share their time, skills and experience. It is a way for people to help others and be rewarded for it – in time.

Members earn a time ‘credit’ for every hour of time they give to another member of the timebank. They can then exchange this time credit for any other member’s time. In a timebank everyone’s time is valued equally. An hour of one person’s time is worth an hour of someone else’s, regardless of the skills being exchanged.

Timebanking enables people, organisations and public services to be brought together in timebanking ‘marketplaces’. This is where giving support, sharing a resource, providing a service or teaching a skill can be exchanged in a fair and impartial manner. People who otherwise may never have met can come together and form connections and friendships, helping to build a stronger sense of community.

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