Learning Partnership - Bedfordshire and Luton

The Learning Partnership was established in 2000 and is at the centre of a network of 150 wide ranging learning providers and organisations in Bedfordshire and Luton - all involved in developing or delivering learning to their staff, volunteers or to local people across our local area.

Promoting a culture of lifelong learning and enacting a philosophy of partnership, we aim to identify gaps in learning provision and lobby to secure funding for additional learning activities that benefit local communities, untimately contributing to individual and community social and economic prosperity.

As an honest broker we continue to offer to hold contracts, project manage and quality assure partnership activity. Our success is measured by the number of partnership activities we can generate and the variety of providers, large and small, that we are able to involve in delivering new and innovative learning opportunities.

Learning is for life, and at the Learning Partnership we want to see more adults entering learning. We remain convinced that lifelong learning has enormous social and economic benefits. We will continue to work with partners to improve access and widen participation to learning, ensuring that all partners are delivering the types of provision that individuals and communities require.

For more information about current projects and activities please visit our website.


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Last updated: 11 March, 2014 at 2:40 pm