Centre for All Families Positive Health - CAFPH

Centre for All Families Positive Health is a peer led organisation providing support to HIV affected people across Luton, Bedford and the East of England. With diagnosis rates in the local area sitting above national average, the need for targeted social support which is culturally sensitive, client centred and lead by those who can really understand the experience remains a priority. CAFPH have been providing such support for the last decade from our offices in Luton and Bedford.    

Our Vision

      CAFPH is passionate and dedicated to making a positive difference by supporting people living with HIV/AIDS in the communities of Luton, Bedfordshire and surrounding areas. CAFPH is committed to working with international partners to share knowledge, experience and expertise in efforts to improve and enhance the quality of life of people living with HIV/AIDS. Our vision is to be inclusive, respectful and supportive to enable and empower all who are affected by HIV/AIDS to improve the quality of their lives and to raise awareness about HIV/AIDS across the community.      

Our Mission

      We recognize that HIV/AIDS does not take away a person’s life experience, skills, passions, values, beliefs or attitude. We will treat everyone with respect, compassion and understanding. We will respect everybody’s way of life, culture and values. CAFPH will support the whole family and not just the person living with HIV/AIDS. We will endeavour to involve the peers at all levels of service development and decision making. CAFPH aims to enhance the skills of people living with HIV/AIDS so that they are supported to live a fuller life and to be involved in all levels of civil society.  
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Services provided by Centre for All Families Positive Health - CAFPH

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